The Dutch and Spanish lessons take place in the Amsterdam and are given in a cosy atmosphere. For private lessons a personal program is composed. Students entering group lessons are first tested for their language skills, before determining the right group.

In a group lesson there is a maximum of five people, enabling much personal attention for each individual.

Especially for students that have problems with the Spanish or Dutch language, private lessons are offered. One can also think of children (elementary school or high school) that need to learn Dutch or students that need to pass an NT2 exam before entering a university or academy. The percentage of students who have passed their “inburgeringsexam” or NT2 Staatsexamen is extroardinary high.

In addition I offer the possibility to advise students on doing research in Latin America.

It is also possible to teach in company. This way your employees (for example expats) can learn a new language in a fun way. Since the lessons will be given at your company employees will not waste time with traveling, which could otherwise be a barrier for them to visit language lessons. Furthermore it turned out that language lessons are a good way for employees to get to know each other better, which enhances cohesion.


Dutch course in Amsterdam at Beatrice Language Institute

Dutch course in Amsterdam at Beatrice Language Institute


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