Dutch course

I’ve always enjoyed talking with you, I think you’re a great teacher, and a good person, with a big heart, you clearly give all of yourself to your work, which I admire greatly. Thank you for all of the time and help you’ve given me, I really appreciate everything. (Eric, group lessons)

The discussions are very interesting and funny. Each week the lesson is different. We play games, do grammar exercises and read articles. The articles are important (relevant) to us (the proud immigrants).
Beatrice brings real energy to her lessons; she is enthusiastic and really loves what she does. This attitude really encourages people to be excited about learning Dutch.  She also uses her own life experiences to help her students to better understand the Dutch culture. (Melani, group lessons)

Les buiten in het park
The last class before summer recess in Vondelpark in Amsterdam

Spanish course

The Spanish group lessons at Beatrice Language Institute are always very cosy and there’s lots of laughter. The lessons are always very varied and lively. There is much attention for pronunciation and exercises but also for extras outside of the study books such as songs, slang and whatever subject comes by. Because of the small group size (three people) the level and pace of the lessons could be adapted to us. That way I get the most out of my lesson: very interactive! Our lessons take place at Beatrice’s house, which makes the atmosphere very relaxed. Beatrice is a super enthusiastic teacher and has a lot of knowledge, patience and humor. She follows her heart and it shows in her lessons. I can very much recommend this language institute! I’m ready for my trip through South America! Un estudiante muy contento (Pieter, group lessons)

It is so much fun to be taught by Beatrice! She brings her lessons in a very spontaneous and  cheerful way, I never had a dull lesson. Even learning dull verbs by heart became fun because she gave anecdotes, memory aids or examples in the form of poems or songs. She has a very good en clear pronunciation and she talks very steadily which makes her easy to understand even if your vocabulary is still limited. Hence during classes I learned most of my new words from her, and not from my book. Beatrice works in a very enjoyable way and involves daily matters and music into her lessons. That way you remember your goal again: after all you wanted to understand the Spanish language and the Spanish world. Choosing for Beatrice Language Institute means learning a language fast and at the same time being poured over with a vast dose of enthusiasm by a remarkable person! Why doubt?(Pierre, private lesson)

I attended a 10 week Spanish course by Beatrice Simon. It was a very pleasant course with a lot of variety and I learned a lot in a short period. The small scale makes it very cosy. We did verbal exercises, played the game of quartet in Spanish, translated Spanish songs and we did exercises from our book and from hand-outs. The enthusiasm with which Beatrice gives her good lessons is very contagious and for that I recommend them to everyone. (Leonard, group lessons)

Les buiten in het park
Meet and greet picknick at the park.


1 thought on “Responses”

  1. Hannah said:

    Thanks to your language course “Dutch for beginners” I was able to get my NT2 Dutch Staatsexamen which i needed to apply for a university in the Netherlands.
    Within 6 months I learned everything I needed to know to pass that exam.
    Now I’m doing a Dutch study since 1 year and everything goes so well!
    Thanks a lot!
    Een echte aanrader! ☺️


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